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We have a full team of medical personnel that are dedicated to helping patients recover after motor vehicle accidents.

about Restoration Health Center

At Restoration Health Center, we specialize in treating patients that have been involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents. We have a full team of medical personnel that are dedicated to helping patients recover after their accident.

Our treatments include medical evaluation, physical therapy, massage therapy, ultrasound therapy, chiropractic adjustment, electric stimulation therapy, and range of motion exercises. We have full imaging capability. Our treatments are Evidence Based. Our outcomes measures are: reduced time off work, reduced pain, increased mobility, decreased use of narcotic type pain medication, and decreased visits to the Emergency Department for ongoing pain control.

Why Choose Us

Medical Privacy
Our treatments are based on Medical Evidence, and our model has been in place for over 18 years.
Modern Equipment
We accept most medical insurance plans, and we also accept payment from car insurance medical plans and attorney liens.
Quality & Safety
Our goal is to provide good evidence-based care so you can return to work and not need to make trips back to the hospital.
Our Vision
Our goal is to get you healthy, with increased range motion, decreased pain, and greater life function as quickly as possible.
Emergency Help
If you have been in an accident, we can help you!
Individual Approach
We specialize in getting patients healthy after they have been involved in an accident. Just Call Us!
Personalized Treatment
Just call and we will provide you with excellent care!
Modern Treatment
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What Do We Offer

Medical Evaluations
A car accident can be a traumatic, life-changing experience. However, what follows is even more crucial, and you must seek medical care after a car accident. Even if you seemed to have
Chiropractic Care
Whether you were seriously injured in a car accident or suffered from sprains, chiropractic care can ease pain and discomfort. Even if the injuries aren’t apparent, the aftereffects can have a
Are you struggling to recover from a recent car accident injury? The trauma of a car accident can have a severe impact on a person’s life. A minute ago, you were fine only to experience severe
Massage Therapy
Work with a Licensed Massage Therapist at Restoration Health Center and Achieve Total Wellness Recovering from a car accident can be a long and painful journey. It takes time for your body to heal after
Range Of Motion Exercises
Theaftermath of a car accidentcan cause lasting physical conditions. It often involves painful injuries whether your vehicle is rear-ended, side-swiped, or is involved in a head-on .
Ultrasound Stimulation Therapy
Ultrasound stimulation therapycan treat a wide range of ailments. It reduces inflammation and promotes healing at a cellular level in auto accident victims. It is
Electric Stimulation Therapy
Were you recently in a car accident? Auto accidents can have a debilitating effect on your physical and mental health.It often leads to neuromusculoskeletal injuries, and recovering

Client Testimonials

"Great service, super clean rooms, friendly staff. Great job guys!"
"I would recommend Dr. Nehorai to anybody! He made me feel so much better!"

Meet the Team

Jonathan D.Caldwell


Julie Caldwell
Reza Shakeri
Ben Kuykendall
David Nehorai
Lucia Ortega
Massage Therapist
Michael Ruiz
Jason Walker

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