Range Of Motion Exercises

Are You a Victim Of A Car Accident?

Learn How Our Physical Therapists Use Range of Motion Exercises For Accident Injury Victims That Can Aid Recovery

The aftermath of a car accident can cause lasting physical conditions. It often involves painful injuries whether your vehicle is rear-ended, side-swiped, or is involved in a head-on collision. Even if you don’t suffer from serious injuries such as broken bones, car accident trauma can cause hidden injuries that can reduce range of motion, lead to stiffness, and cause pain.

The pain and discomfort alone can make movements difficult. Whether the injuries are apparent or not, a recovery treatment plan involving range of motion exercises for accident injur can enhance the healing process. The faster you can get to a physiotherapist, the better.

At Restoration Health Center, our physical therapists help auto accident injury victims through a range of motion exercises that aid in recovery. Range of motion refers to the direction, and distance the joints move between a bent position and a stretched position. It also refers to therapeutic exercises that are structured to make such complete movements possible over a short amount of time.

Let me start by saying I hate having to go to any appointments and was dreading going in after my car accident. The staff here immediately put me at ease and helped put all of my worries aside. They assisted with all of my paperwork and insurance so all I had to think about was making my treatment and taking care of myself. Everyone was very friendly and personable, I couldn't have asked for better! Thank you Restoration Health Center!

Common Auto Accident Injuries That Call For Range Of Motion


Most injuries from moving car accidents are much worse than bruises. Common auto accident injuries that can benefit from range of motion exercises include the following:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Our brain is suspended in fluid and doesn’t have much support. It can slam against our skull during an impact accident, damaging soft tissue leading to traumatic brain injuries (TBI). It can also compromise balance and motor skills. Range of motion exercise for accident injury victims can bring those skills back slowly but surely.


A rear-end, head-on, or sideways collision can make it jerk forward or backward depending on the impact. At this moment, the weight of the head yanks and stretches neck muscles, which can cause strain and even muscle tears. Range of motion exercises for accident injury can enhance blood flow to the area for healing.


The collar bone is part of the neck and shoulder. Any impact on either can cause fractures. While a fractured collar bone requires rest and a sling to keep the closes arm still to mend, range of motion exercises for accident injury post healing can bring strength back to the area.


Rib injuries are painful because the lungs press against them when we breathe. Shallow breaths can prevent the pain, while rest is usually prescribed for the injury itself. Our physical therapists show patients proper breathing techniques to control pain and discomfort.


A fractured or bruised rib is the mildest form of a chest injury. The chest cavity holds several vital organs (such as the heart and lungs). If the chest is injured in an auto accident, the organs it protects can also sustain damage. However, stretching and strengthening exercises post-recovery aid the healing process.

What Range Of Motion Exercises For Accident Injury Involve

All range of motion exercises for accident injury victims are designed to strengthen muscles and joints to increase mobility and prevent re-injury. The aim is to help patients return to normal activities as soon and as safely as possible.

At Restoration Health Center, we provide the best range of motion exercises for accident injury victims and trained physical therapists guide auto accident victims through various range of motion exercises that can aid the healing process. Each patient receives a treatment plan that can help them make a full recovery. It includes:

A Medical Examination

At Restoration Health Center, we provide the best range of motion exercises for accident injury victims. We understand that each patient has unique needs. To understand those needs, our licensed medical practitioners first conduct a medical examination. It involves measuring impairments that are brought about that are restricting movement. Besides range of motion measurements (ROMs), this includes:

  • Balance.
  • Palpation.
  • Functional mobility.
  • Neurological screening.
  • Strength tests.

Your physical therapist will detail realistic expectations from the exam and what patients are expected to do.

Setting up a Treatment Plan

Patients receive an overview of the treatment plan their physical therapist formulates as per examination findings. It will include a list of range of motion exercises or accident injury victims that can be performed at home and our facility.

Each patient’s treatment plan depends on several factors, including their current mobility range and pain threshold. We encourage our patients to take a proactive approach in each exercise to hasten their return to normal activities and routines.

The three standard range of motion exercises for accident injury that are included in the treatment plan include:

Passive Exercises

The patient’s joints are moved with an assistive device or by the therapist. Passive exercises are typically prescribed to auto accident victims who suffer significant injuries to maintain joint flexibility.

Active-Assistive Exercises

The patient moves the muscles and joints with aid from the therapist. During active-assistive exercises, the therapist supports the distal joint, i.e., the joint portion farthest away from the attachment point as the patient does as many movements as possible.

Active Exercises

Active exercises are performed solely by the patient, who moves the affected joint(s) without assistance. There are two active range of motion exercises. Resistive exercises see patients push and pull against a resistive force. Isometric exercises involve patients contracting and relaxing muscles while maintaining joint position.

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