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A car accident can be a traumatic, life-changing experience. However, what follows is even more crucial, and you must seek medical care after a car accident. Even if you seemed to have walked away without a scratch, we strongly recommend opting for a medical check-up.

At Restoration Health Center, we carry out complete medical evaluations for auto accident victims. Our medical practitioners specialize in identifying potentially life-threatening injuries in accident victims and are committed to offering the best healthcare possible for you.

Our medical practice can also bill car insurance companies . We offer holistic medical care and support to auto accident victims and have treatment centers in Bakersfield, Sacramento, and Madera.

I recently got hit by a truck and I thought my hips and shoulder would be ruined for life. I got used to it but was directed to this chiro. Dr was amazing. He relieved my pain as much as he could (which is way more than anticipated) in my first visit. They are all friendly in their and it's really welcoming. They treat u like family which is very nice. All in all it's a great place for therapy and I would totally come back

Why Is It Necessary To Seek Medical Care After a Car Accident?

There are typically three outcomes in a non-fatal car accident.

One, you could get lucky and not suffer any injuries. Two, you could experience minor or moderate injuries and visit your family doctor or an urgent care center. Three, you could suffer serious injuries that make it necessary to go to the emergency room.

Whichever the case, it is crucial that you visit a doctor for a medical evaluation to identify and treat potential injuries. Many common injuries resulting from car collisions do not show symptoms initially.

Research suggests that six types of blunt trauma injuries can also become life-threatening.


Head injuries such as concussions, laceration of the brain, and contusions can lead to internal bleeding and brain damage. Continued bleeding can also cause clots to form and exert pressure on brain tissue.


You can also suffer laceration to the heart, lung, and major blood vessels leading to internal bleeding and other complications.


Car collisions can lead to serious neck injuries. These include facet joint injuries, bulging disc, vertebral subluxation, and whiplash. A whiplash injury may not become immediately apparent. This injury type results when your neek moves back and forth forcefully and rapidly and gets injured. Car accident victims suffering from whiplash can develop chronic pain which requires prolonged treatment


Car accident victims can suffer from lacerations to the abdominal aorta. It results from deceleration in auto accidents, creating tears and flaps to the aortic transaction. If unidentified, it can prove to be fatal.


Car collisions often lead to joint dislocation in the knee, elbow, shoulder, wrist, and hip. It can lead to a variety of complications. these include damage to surrounding nerves and blood vessels, tearing of ligaments, muscles, and tendons, and susceptibility to another injury in the area.


Auto accidents can twist your body, legs, and arms in a manner that results in skull fractures, broken or bruised ribs, or penetrating wounds, to extremities. If undiagnosed, your injuries can worsen and become life-threatening

What Do Our Medical Evaluations Include?

At Restoration Health Center, we specialize in treating medical evaluations for accident victims and possess complete diagnostic capabilities. Depending on your condition’s severity, we use various methods and tools to ensure auto injuries’ correct diagnosis. Our medical practitioners can also draw up a treatment plan for you and get you the help needed to make a full recovery. Our medical evaluations for accident victims typically include the following:

Reviewing Your Medical History

Each patient is unique, and reviewing a patient’s medical history is an essential first step to providing medical evaluations and care for car accident victims. A licensed medical practitioner from our team will ask you to recount what happened during your motor vehicle accident. They will also ask for details concerning your medical history, lifestyle, pre-existing conditions, allergies, and other relevant aspects.

Conducting a Physical Examination

Next, your doctor will conduct a physical examination to evaluate the extent of your physical injuries and determine the best course of action for identifying internal injuries.

Getting X-Rays Done

An X-ray helps us detect potential fractures and other injuries to your bones. Your medical doctor can use this test to identify and characterize fractures that often result from an auto accident. X-rays enable proper imaging and evaluation required to identify complex or subtle fractures.

Conducting A CT Scan

Short for computed tomography, a CT or a CAT scan offers high-resolution and detailed images of your internal anatomical structures such as your organs, bones, and soft tissues. It detects bone and joint injuries, brain injuries, and intracranial bleeding.

Conducting an MRI

Depending on your X-rays and CT scan results, you may also need to get an MRI. An MRI allows your doctor to examine your internal anatomy in much more detail. It detects soft tissue damage, traumatic brain injury, herniated discs, organic injuries, and more.

Carrying out an Ultrasound and Other Tests

We may also recommend an ultrasound to detect whiplash and subdural hematoma. It can also help your doctor assess blood flow through your veins and significant arteries and see carotid artery and cardiovascular injuries.

Your doctor may also recommend other diagnostic tests as part of their medical evaluations for accident victims.

Why Do You Need Multiple Tests?

Conducting multiple diagnostic tests is vital to identifying the injuries you have suffered.

That’s not all, though.

From a legal standpoint, these tests offer evidence of the injuries resulting from your auto accident. If you do not receive medical care after an accident, the liable parties may argue your injuries were not a result of the accident.

If you have been in an auto accident, you may also be eligible for recovering damages for the treatment costs accrued. If you are taking legal recourse, your doctor’s examination, diagnosis, and prescribed treatment will impact the compensation you collect.

Your doctor might also be able to predict the long-term impact of your injuries on your life. Once again, this can affect the damage award you receive.

Why Can’t Your Regular Physician Treat You?

You can always seek a medical evaluation from your family doctor after an auto accident. However, some physicians show reluctance in treating auto accident victims .

It could be primarily because:
  • You do not have medical insurance, and the doctor’s practice may not have the necessary systems to bill car insurance companies instead.
  • They understand they may have to testify later in court if you file a personal injury lawsuit and are reluctant to do so.
  • They may not want to file a medical lien. A medical lien offers assurance that the practice can collect payment once the patient has received their settlement.

Reach Out to Restoration Health Center Today for Medical Treatment

At Restoration Health Center, we are committed to treating motor vehicle accident victims and ensuring they get immediate medical attention to aid their recovery.

Our practice accepts all car insurance policies and attorney liens. We are listed on most health insurance plans, as well. If you have been in a car accident, get in touch with us today for necessary medical evaluations and treatment.