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Did An Auto Accident Throw Out Your Back?

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Whether you were seriously injured in a car accident or suffered from sprains, chiropractic care can ease pain and discomfort. Even if the injuries aren’t apparent, the aftereffects can have a devastating impact on your life. At Restoration Health Center, you won’t just leave with a handful of prescriptions. Our medical personnel offer chiropractic care after a car accident injury that can help you regain control of your body.

Chiropractors use hands-on spinal manipulation and other treatments to align the musculoskeletal structure. The accident injury chiropractic care aim is to trigger natural healing without the need for surgery or medication. Additionally, manipulation also restores mobility restricted by tissue injury after a car accident.

You cannot avoid auto accidents all the time. The sooner you can get treatment for aches and pains post-accident, the faster your road to recovery becomes. Injuries can sometimes make themselves known days and even weeks after an incident.

Our health center one the best accident injury chiropractic care centre, We advocate early treatment. Even if you ‘feel fine’ after the accident, hidden internal sprains and injuries may manifest later. Early detection and treatment via immediate chiropractic care can prevent accident injury conditions from worsening or getting unbearably painful.

My daughter has been going and cannot speak higher of the care she has been receiving!Colleen

Top Car Accident Injuries That Chiropractic Care Can Help With

Our chiropractors treat a broad range of hidden and apparent conditions and injuries resulting from car accidents. Each treatment plan aims to promote natural healing, manage pain, and prevent further injuries. Some of the common car accident injuries that chiropractic care can help with include the following:

Back Injuries

A vehicle’s impact can damage the soft tissue of the spine, particularly tissue located in the lower back. A sprained back, a herniated disc or fractured vertebrae can cause this. Treatment delays can cause adverse conditions and complications such as loss of sensation, tingling, respiratory distress, and even bowel control loss.

Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves are common in the back post car accident, but they can occur anywhere in the body. The compressed nerve causes pain, numbness, and tingling resulting from whiplash and herniated discs. Delayed treatment can lead to long-term health problems.


Whiplash injuries are the most common car accident injuries. It can occur even if your car is moving slowly during the accident. Easily unnoticeable, whiplash symptoms manifest hours or even days after an accident in the form of severe neck and back pain. If left untreated, the injury can lead to long-lasting pain and discomfort.

Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord damaged in a car accident comprises overall function and movement in almost every body part. The result is usually paralysis, loss of function, and sensation. It occurs when pieces of bone, tears, or disc fragments strike the spinal cord, damaging nerve cells. Surgery for accident injury followed by chiropractic care is recommended for long term healing.

How Accident Injury Chiropractic Care Can Help

Our chiropractors are skilled in treated sustained injuries related to the spine and musculoskeletal system. After an initial examination, they can determine why specific symptoms are manifesting. Rather than numbing through medication, a chiropractor performs spinal and other joint adjustments along with physical therapy to alleviate pain and discomfort.

At Restoration Health Center,one the best accident injury chiropractic care centre. We advocate long term healthcare. Our chiropractors can prevent car accident patients from exacerbating existing injuries while easing current pain with a custom treatment plan. Here is what you can expect:

Patient History and Evaluation of Symptoms

Accident injury chiropractic care involves an extensive evaluation of symptoms, including patient history. Patients are asked to fill out forms detailing their condition. It includes queries regarding the location of pain points, frequency of occurrence, whether the pain resulted from the car accident injury or worsened because of it.

It also includes complete family medical history, details about pre-existing medical conditions, along with current or existing treatments you may be undergoing.

The Chiropractic Exam

Chiropractic care after a car accident injury is only as good as the treatment plan you undergo. The chiropractic exam involves a series of general tests that measure your blood pressure, respiration, pulse, and reflexes.

Specific orthopedic and neurological tests may also be prescribed to test muscle strength/tone, range of motion, and neurological integrity. To pinpoint affected areas, patients are asked to make specific movements. It allows our chiropractors to get an informed idea about the treatment plan.

Diagnostic Studies

Based on the chiropractic exam and patient history, diagnostic studies are conducted to reveal possible structural deformities for precise diagnosis.

An X-ray is taken if the chiropractor thinks it is medically necessary. It only highlights bone, not damaged soft tissue. An MRI scan reveals potential deep tissue damage.

Top Benefits of Chiropractic Care after a Car Accident

Pain medication only numbs the pain. It doesn’t alleviate it completely. At Restoration Health Center, we offer sustainable medical solutions that provide healing results. Accident injury chiropractic care can:

  • Treat invisible injuries – Our professional chiropractors determine the root cause of injuries before administering care.
  • Reduce inflammation – An x-ray cannot pick up on micro-tears within muscles and ligaments. Using spinal adjustments, a chiropractor brings them back into alignment to trigger natural inflammation that can ease discomfort.
  • Reduce pain – Spinal adjustments release pain-relieving hormones that ease discomfort, soreness, and aches naturally.
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You don’t need to remain bedridden or remain dependent on pain medication after a car accident. Receive qualified and skilled accident injury chiropractic care at Restoration Health Center and regain control of your body naturally. We accept all medical insurances and attorney liens.